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Clean that Improves the Look of Your Rug

An area rug adds a luxury touch to any office. But regular use can turn this image-enhancer into a haven for dirt, stains, allergens and germs. The health and appearance of your office can both suffer when that happens. Our commercial area rug experts quickly refresh and restore office rugs in westchester.

Commercial area rug cleaning that suits all your needs

Our professional cleaning leaves area rugs with a new, safe and healthy look. Our thorough vacuuming eliminates surface and hidden dirt, dust, allergens and germs. We stop stains and clean them away with both traditional cleaning solutions, and all-natural cleaning solutions that are safer for your staff and the environment. Our cleaning service can even deal with stubborn stains such as grease, coffee, ink, and gum. When we finish your office will be a clean and safe place to work. and healthy.

We offer services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as well as one-off assignments.

Call us today on (914) 591-3338 to learn more about the packages we offer.

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